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Hikes in the Lakes Basin



Lakes Basin Trail Map

The Lakes Basin Recreation Area is filled with trails to hike and lakes to sit by.  You can visit the area for a week and find a new place to explore each day.  The trails are not difficult and the mileage between the lakes is very small, so in a day's walk you can visit several lakes.  One of the most frequented trails is the Bear Lakes Loop which passes by four lakes in about two miles.  Even the youngest member of your hiking party can enjoy this hike.  The most strenuous hike in the area entails hiking 1,500 feet to the top of Mt. Elwell, three miles from the campground to the summit.  The view from the peak overlooks the lakes and, in the distance, you can see the Sierra Buttes.  Visit the Lakes Basin and you will return year after year, never getting tired of the beauty of this gem in the Sierra.

























Activities in the Lakes Basin



Hiking abounds in the Lakes Basin, but there are many other things to do. Swimming in the lakes, bird watching, photographing the spectacular views are just some of the activities to enjoy. Mountain biking can be enjoyed in the area, but  the trails are rated for the expert rider.  Some lodges offer the use of rowboats on lakes for fishing, swimming, or just drifting.  Nearby horse stables at Gold Lake offer more ways to explore the area.  Sign up for an hour, half day, or full day ride and see the lakes from a different vantage point.


There is something for everyone in the Lakes Basin Recreation Area.




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